Discussion on mindfulness - paying attention to the here and now instead of reacting to people and circumstances.


Goldie Hawn, along with Dan Siegel, talks about the power of mindfulness to help children focus, battle stress and control negative emotions.


Goldie Hawn speaking on mindfulness. 


In this 10 minute instructional video Dr. Vorpahl presents how to best use Chill Outz in a classroom setting. Parents of young children may also find this presentation to be very useful.

Are you using a specific method?
Yes. Progressive relaxation techniques are an effective way for children to manage their emotions and feel in control of them. It can also reduce physical problems such as stomachaches and headaches as well as improve sleep and concentration. Helping your child learn how to relax is a lifelong skill. Children respond well to progressive relaxation techniques when modified for their developmental age. These applications are intended to be fun yet teach skills that will help your child know how to manage their emotions.


Are Chill Outz® recommended for use at home only?
NO. Chill Outz® can be used at anytime anywhere. In addition to parents, early childhood educators (pre-schools, kindergarten, daycare providers) will find these techniques to be incredibly helpful before nap time, during circle time or any other group activity. Children that may be anxious, fidgety, noisy can be pulled aside and with the usage of the appropriate story or stories guided to a relaxed state of mind. Other settings may include pediatrician practices or hospitals with pediatric units (incl. ER). 


Will they get it the first time?
Probably not. The first exposure will probably be observing and watching only. The more they watch the video, they will know what to do. The more they practice, the quicker they will master the breathing and will be more effective at using it in moments of emotional upheaval. Just like walking took lots of practice, this too will take  a little time to master. Be patient. The more you participate with them; the more likely they will engage in the guided activities. (You too will benefit from the multiple ways you can learn to engage your body and brain to help you remain calm in challenging times.)


I am an Educator, Teacher, Day Care Provider. Are Chill Outz® useful to me?
ABSOLUTELY! Chill Outz® is an evidence based method to guide children to a calm state of mind and body (self-regulation). It is not a punishment. It is an avenue for children to learn to express their emotions effectively. Simply, children learn to regulate their emotions which is a life skill important at any age. Many teachers play each story one day a week at a certain time of the day. Rather than learning it for the first time when they need to make a mood change. Then they can refer to the breath or motion during the day if a child needs help self regulating. Do the chosen Chill Outz story with them. This will provide positive reinforcement. Do not expect the child to actively participate at first. They will benefit from the story by attentively watching and listening. They will be rehearsing in their mind. You can follow along actively in order to model the optimal behavior. 
By making Chill Outz part of your daily routine and thereby moving from Time Outs to Chill Outz you will see a big difference in your class room dynamics.

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